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the Buckeroos will be working in conjunction with the Groton Volunteer Fire Dept, conducting a rescue drill on the trail. The drill will start at the Fire Dept at 09:00 hrs (9am). We will review the drill, and what we are trying to accomplish. The rescue sled from Kitty's will be needed at the firehouse, and we will need the club snowmobile, and one other capable of towing the sled. We will then proceed to the top of Goodfellow Rd. at 5 corners to start the rescue at 10 a.m. The sled can be brought up in a pickup truck. Those wishing to ride sleds and be at the firehouse for the first part of the drill, can park at Upper Valley grill, and we can shuttle people to the firehouse and back, so we will need some shuttle drivers. We will simulate an injured rider down the trail about one mile. Snowmobiles will be needed to shuttle EMT's and the rescue sled to the scene, and then pull the injured party back to five corners. At the end of the drill we will return to the firehouse, to review the drill, and food will be provided by Upper Valley Grill. If you have some kind of reflective vest, please wear it to distinguish those participating in the drill. Any questions you can e-mail me at kmcdonnell@hebronfd.com kineo184@sbcglobal.net, or call 860-228-0578 after 5pm. If someone would like to put this out on the website, that would be great. Always, thanks for all the volunteer work you do, and hope we can see some new faces, along with the regulars. Kevin McDonnell