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Date: March 27, 2015 at 9:52:16 AM EDT
Subject: Trail conditions

Good morning Nancy, my name is Tom Patterson and I'm with the Route 100 Snowtravelers out of Rochester, VT. If you have a moment would you tell me what your conditions are after the last couple of days' weather? We rode up there last weekend and it was just like mid winter......AWESOME! Thank you and please tell all involved with your club how impressive your trails are! I would love to make another trip (or two! ) up there to finish out the season this weekend. We parked at Butterfields and would like to do the same. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,

RT 100 Snowtravelers

Sent:  2/13/13 3:15 PM

Your trails are the best I've been on this year.....including N.H.....Thank you..

Sent:  Feb 13, 2012 at 4:38 AM
To: buckaroosof302@gmail.com
fullname: Steve
comments: Just wanted to say that the Buckaroos of 302 trails are some of the best. I rode them for the first time late March last season and twice this season and they have been in great condition, even with the minimal amount of snow.
Thanks to all the folks who maintain the trails, and especially to the groomers.

Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 9:02 AM
Subject: BBQ wekend

 I want to pass on to the grooming crew, the trails are in excellant condition!!! I rode the entire Buckeroos system with some friends from CT. and on Sunday we went to Marty's in Danville, the entire trip was remarkable, best I have ridden on in years, if there were 3-4inches of fresh powder it would have made it the best. so please pass on that  the crew is doing a great job, considering the conditions. And it was also such a pleasure to work with a great bunch of people at the BBQ, no complaints, all smiles, and the work gets done.   have a nice day, see you soon   Kevin

Sent: December 02, 2011
Thank you and the buckaroos for their volunteer efforts to get the trails ready for another season, and for making the process of obtaining a TMA so easy. Ron ...happy customer

Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 5:22 PM
Subject: Thank You

    Good afternoon Betty! I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you about the fabulous year it has been for snowmobiling on the Buckaroos of 302 trail system.I was up last weekend and rode all day Friday and till noon on Saturday and things were great. Being a flatlander from Ct. sometimes it is hard to get up to your neck of the woods but this year I was able to ride 2900 miles. The whole VAST system has had a great year. Say thank you to Buzzy and the groomers for the tireless job they have done.Also thank you  for keeping up the website and trail conditions. I am on there several times a day looking for the weather and trail conditions. Also where would we be without the landowners.
Thanx to everyone involved and until next time!
Roger.......of....(The Denny Mountain Crew)

Submitted on March 7, 2010 7:31 PM

Name:  Bonnie and Jim

Comments:  Thanks Buzzy & Betty for the hot dog roast this weekend.  We had a great time both days!  The weather was perfect and the riding was great!  We had a blast.  Keep up the great job!  Many thanks!

Submitted March 3, 2010
Name:  Joanne
I just want to say your trails are the best and great to bring my nieces and nephews on well groomed and marked not to hilly or winding good for families it is to bad our season has been so bad,and your web site is the best.We may come over this weekend, we are from Bristol,VT ones again thanks for all that you do!

Submitted on February 17, 2010

Name: John

comments: Just wanted to thank you so much for making the trail system so nice . This yr we rented a home aross the street from the town hall in Topsham.The Smiths are so wonderful to my famiy always going the extra mile just like you and Buzzy . Oh yah one more thing pray for snowwwwwww...


Submitted on February 3, 2010

Name:  Jeffrey

The trails were fantastic in these times with thin snowcover. You guys do the BEST job with grooming. Many thanks!

submitted on January 4, 2010 10:49 PM EST

Name: Aaron

Comments: Just wanna thank you guys for the awesome trails so far this year! Keep up the good work. Although i've lived in groton my whole life, this is my first year riding the trails and i've loved every minute so far. Lets hope for some more of the white stuff, eh? Also, thanks for the great website. Its a big help. -Aaron

The10 things to do on sleds
1.  When approaching grooming units from behind, please use low beam on lights. 
2.  When approaching grooming units from the front, please pull off trail and come to a complete stop. The large drags tend to slide around some and it is possible that the drag could slide into your sled.
3.  When meeting grooming units traveling in large groups, please stay together and on one side of trail. Some trail sections are narrow, especially in some wooded sections. It is easier for a groomer operator to watch for sleds on one side on the trail instead on trying to drive in between sleds on the trail.
4.  No Tail Gating the groomer, especially in the hills. Sometimes we are unable to make the climb on the first pass and must back up and try again.
5.  When you see a groomer unit in distress, stop and offer assistance. Sometimes the problems are small and the operators could use an extra hand to hold a flash light.
6.  If you come to a ditch that is open and is a hazard, take a couple  of minutes to mark with branches to warn others. If no trees are around use a trail marker.

7.  When riding at night use the buddy system, don't ride alone.
8.  When riding at night monitor your gas. Most gas stations close in our area at 9:00 pm. Grooming units usually carry gas for chain saws only.
9.  Grooming units have the right of way; don't expect to have them back up when you meet one in the woods.
10. When you ride on excellent trails, tell the operators. The operators always hear the negatives but very seldom hear the compliments.

Reprinted from Country Riders VAST News  February 2008

Date March 17, 2009

comments: Well, I just washed the sleds and trailer. I guess the

season is over. I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful season.

We love riding your trails and they are always great.

Christopher Truhan


Date March 16, 2009

comments: Find this site to be one of the best for up to date info.

Lee Morneweck

Date March 13, 2009 

> comments: you guys are simply the best at updating your trail reports, as well as kepping up your trails, hats off to all of you in this club, A++++, tom

comments: January 31, 2009

Just wanted to send a note to Buzzy Eastman. I came up to Exit 17 with friends yesterday and we rode 6 sleds out of the truck stop at 9:30 am. The trails were absolutely perfect. Hats off to your club and the trail system. We rode to Cabot and had lunch and then came back thru 302 and the scenic overview loop.

We rode by Stormy and the kids loved him. We will definitely be back to ride your fabulous trails.

Ken Burke and friends

Date: Tue, Jan 20, 2009

fullname: Fred Pasler

comments: rode the 302 Buckaroo Trails over the MLK weekend - FANTASTIC GROOMING, great job with signing also. I am a member of the club and would very much like to help out next fall with the trail work getting things ready for winter.

January 2009 

The Good Snowmobilers

Buzzy and I live where there is a snowmobile trail on all four sides of our house. We feel compelled to defend the Snowmobiler. We have a horse named "Stormy" and a German Shepherd dog named "Buster". There are a couple of buildings outback next to the snowmobile trail.

You might wonder why we are writing this letter. It is because we want you to hear about the "Good Snowmobilers".

We have a sign on the trail "Slow watch for Stormy and the gate". Never once has a Snowmobiler rode in a reckless manner by Stormy. They always ride single file and slow. Many Snowmobilers are fans of Stormy. They sometimes stop to visit or just wave to him as they go by. Many families enjoy bringing a carrot for Stormy.

Buster goes to the barn with us and sometimes he gets in the way. Every Snowmobiler slows down to make sure Buster does not dance in front of their sled.

The sheds outback are for our personal junk. Not one Snowmobiler has ever tried to walk inside a shed.

Often we are outside when riders go by. They always raise a hand in a "thumbs up" signal as if to say "Thanks for the trail."

The early part of the season, we had deep snow outside the trails. I got on my sled to ride to check on Buzzy grooming in the Sur Trac. I was riding on a trail that was just one track wide. The groomer had not been there yet. I was meeting sleds so I pulled out into the deep snow. You know what happen. When I tried to pull back into the trail I was stuck. The first sleds by were two nice gentlemen that saw my problem and stopped to pull me out. I sure did appreciate that kindness. They took the time to stop, smile and help. These are the Snowmobilers that Buzzy and I know. They are the reason we enjoy the trails on our land and enjoy grooming trails.

Snowmobilers are families having fun together. We have thought about writing this letter for a long time and decided that it was time. Snowmobilers are the people you meet while shopping, going to ball games, going to Town functions. They are respectful, law abiding people. The person you see on a snowmobile committing disrespectful acts is not a Snowmobiler they are Outlaws. Americans have always had to put up with Outlaws in our free society.

Happy Trails

Buzzy & Betty Eastman

234 Buzzy's Road

Groton, VT. 05046

Tuesday, January 13, 2008 

Hi Gary,

Saturday was such a picture perfect day.

With our eldest son, Hamdi (21), and our youngest daughter, Zeynep (8), Huseyin and I managed to work through the drama of getting machines running, registered(to our NH permanent address) and TMA'd (as non-resident landowners), dressed and prepared for a day on the trails.

For the first time we headed out on 302W-why we never went this way before is a mystery to us. The views are amazing!

We want to thank every volunteer for their hard work on trail upkeep-and the landowners beyond the State of Vermont for allowing us on their land. Days like Saturday make all the expense and family drama of this sport worthwhile.

My only question is why is it always the MOM who has to be prepared with the extra hand and boot warmers, water, candies and snacks, first aid kit, extra mittens/hats, and the MAP?? and I always get the complaints because I ride the 2 up which is more difficult to manuver.

Come on guys...the boots on your feet, the clothes on your back, extra oil and cash and your off...... If only life were so easy. Next time we head west on 302...must remember to add carrots for the horse to my baggage.

All the Best,

Robin Cavusoglu

Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 11:05 AM
Good Afternoon, I would just like to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for having AMAZING trails ALL THE TIME. This year I joined the club in barre because it is my "local" club. But next year I will be joining the buckaroos. I have never been so amazed with trail conditions.  If you ever need any volunteers to help out with anything let me know. Once again THANK YOU!! think white-stay right    
Arick s Miller

"I just want to tell you again how much I love snowmobiling in Groton Vermont.  It is exactly what I envisioned.  I am really enjoying it and I pass out lots of compliments. Thank you again."
- Liberty Belle, Monroe

"We were very pleased with the trails…and especially pleased with how quickly Buzzy makes the bumps go away"
- Robert Krim, Tacoma