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Next Club Meeting - Saturday, December 1st

Time:  8:00-9:00 a.m.

Location:  Groton Community Building, Route 302

We had a great turnout for our clulb meeting on October 20th.  We had 19 members attend, biggest number so far!  THANK YOU!   

Next trail work day scheduled for the weekend of November 10th.

Email buckaroosof302@gmail.com if you want to volunteer!



2018-19 Trail Maintenance has begun!

Gary Lamberton reported: 

On Thursday (10/4)  Dwayne Smith and I inspected and cleared 5+ miles of trail.  We unloaded the Club 6x6 ATV’s at Devil's Hill Parking lot in Peacham and headed north on corridor 232.  We found the trail in great condition.  We did use about 3 tanks of gas in the chainsaw cutting out blow downs and trimming back a few areas.  

Yesterday, Matt Puffer of Puffer Excavation completed the culvert repair work, ditching and installing water bars on the northern end of 232 between Choates pasture and Houghton road on Cabot / Peacham.  The repairs came out great.



Trail_Work_18_19/100418trailwork6.jpg  Trail_Work_18_19/100418trailwork3.jpg  Trail_Work_18_19/100418trailwork4.jpg  


Another reason to snomobile in Groton, VT

Thanks Bill!  Can't Wait!
webassets/IMG_5096.gif   webassets/IMG_5094.gif

Bill Cam

Click on Picture to get to Live Feed

Betty Cam

Click on Picture to get Live Feed


Click on the pictures above to gain a live feed from the Upper Valley Grill or the Eastmans.

Thank you Bill, Betty and Buzzy for allowing us this opportunity.


If you enjoy the live feed from the web cams, please send a donation to:  The Buckaroos of 302, Box 171, Groton, VT 05046.

to make a donation to help offset the costs of maintaining this website and trail grooming via Paypal.